Grizzly qui attaque un bison

Possiblement une des séries de photos les plus spectaculaires qui soient. Monsieur Alex Wypyszinski 63 ans photographiait un paysage d’hiver quand il a entendu des sons de claquements de sabots. Il réalisa rapidement que les sons provenaient d’un bison en fuite. Un grizzly était sur les traces de l’animal. L’homme exécuta des photos à partir de son véhicule puis en montant sur le toit du véhicule. Le pelage détaché du corps du bison serait possiblement attribuable à des brûlures occasionnées par les eaux thermales de la région d’Old Faithful. Le texte qui suit ainsi que les photos ont été publiées dans le Bilings Gazette du 30 octobre 2010.

Billings Gazette Oct. 30, 2010
« Since his wife works at the Old Faithful clinic and Alex Wypyszinski, 63, works at the Old Faithful post office, he always has a couple of hours after he drops her off to shoot photographs. He’s never without his camera.

That’s a good thing, because on May 24 Wypyszinski shot a series of photos any professional photographer would give their eye teeth to have.
As Wypyszinski stepped out of his car to shoot some scenic photos of the steam rising off of the snow-shrouded banks of the Firehole River near Fountain Flats, he heard a strange sound – galloping. It took a moment for the source of the sound to appear – a grizzly bear chasing a wounded bison right down the middle of the paved road.

« At first I couldn’t figure out what it was, » he said in a telephone interview Friday from North Carolina where he was visiting family. « That bison was so beat up I thought that that bear had been munching on it awhile. But it had to be going 25 to 30 miles per hour when it went by me. »
Wypyszinski said he thought about jumping on top of the car so he could keep shooting as the animals drew near. Instead, he hopped inside and shot through his car window as they raced past, seemingly unaware of his presence. Then Wypyszinski jumped out and shot more photos with a small Sony point-and-shoot camera.

« It was a heart thumper, » he said.
Thankfully, he had proof of the unusual encounter or no one would have believed him. He printed up copies and hung them up at the post office in Old Faithful . Interpretive rangers told him the bison must have fallen into hot water, burning its skin and causing the large bare patches of skin.
Later, Wypyszinski entered one of the series of 14 photos in the employee photography contest and won first place, naturally.
« The young people are always telling me you have to go into the backcountry to get good photos, but that’s not necessarily true, » Wypyszinski said.
Sometimes, all you need is to have your camera ready at just the right time. »



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